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El Valle Series
El Valle is Spanish for the valley and this is in reference to the central valley of Mexico before the conquest. These works date from around 1974 to 1982. My concern with this body of work was to make reference to Pre-Columbian iconography without copying from it directly.

These drawings done in mixed media relate to the work I was doing in 1961 where I took the influence of cave art and dealt with the approach of juxtaposing and superimposing separate realities over each other. They also relate to what I had done in electronic music (1970-1974), in which I attempted to create “fictional-ethno” music. Here I was creating visually a fictional Mesoamerican mythology.

Therefore the valle series makes direct use of surrealism combined with pre-Columbian influences which are dreamed-up, meaning that I was not looking at anything specifically pre-Columbian but instead imagined how it would be. These are also works which are influenced by Escher prints and the way he dealt with figure-ground relationships in his work.

My concern for psychology is also apparent in these works, along with visual poetry, nature, and the internal universe of humanity-our collective unconscious. I say internal because it is through our inner reality that we are able to connect to the external and larger reality of who we are as humanity.

In el Valle, birth, life, death, and the afterlife are all intermingled in a cyclic generation of images. My interest in universal religions coming together as symbols on the same visual plane is first displayed in these works. In the late Chupicuaro and current work, this influence becomes more prominent.

El Valle works generally seem to show a central focal point from which movement is implied by shapes, lines, and color radiating outwardly to the margins and corners. This point becomes the apparent vortex of energy around which the work revolves.